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FORESTEEL FT-MINI - Yard assistant
Lightweight and easy to use lawn tractor tipping trailer

  • We’re happy to introduce you our smallest and lightest trailer for lawn tractors, ATVs and golf carts. Based on our experience, customers feedback and needs.

    "After needing a lawn-trailer for my parents house we decided to test out a few. It took us a weeks worth of cold autumn evenings testing a range of lawn-trailers to understand we can design and build something that is actually enjoyable and good to use."
    "An evening spent working in your yard after work should be enjoyable and relaxing, but the result of back strain and exhaustion of shovel-unloading from a fixed-side body together with a bent axle beam due to sub-par strength and "paper-thin" materials made the experience memorably frustrating."
    That's when we knew we had to make something that's genuinely enjoyable to use." Argo Rossner, co-founder at Foresteel
    With multifunctional platform body, easy manual tipping, wide turf tires and aesthetic looks, FT-MINI is here to make your seasonal works in your yard or park area easier and more enjoyable! #homeassistant




Empty weight, kg
Loading capacity, kg
Volume/with extensions, m3
Inside dimensions LxWxH, m
1,5 x 1,0 x 0,3
Loading height, m
Platform thickness, mm
Side panel thickness, mm
Tipping angle (manual), degrees
Wheel size, inch
Speed, km/h
25 (Greencare tire)


  • Ultra lightweight for 500 kg actual capacity!
  • Easy tipping
  • Lightweight - Easy to handle and tow
  • Full platform body
  • High quality components - Longer lifetime, better return
  • Greencare tires (-grass damage; +puncture resistance)
  • D50 ball coupling
  • Leaf cleanup kit available



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