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FORESTEEL FT 2500 - Premium class 3-way tipping trailer
Multifunctional and universal 3-way hydraulic tipping trailer with 2500 kg loading capacity.

  • Because of its universality and ease of use, FT-2500 makes every task simple and offers varied applications. Trailers platform type construction with 3-way tipping functionality along with a wide range of accessories make it one of the top choices of municipalities and greencare contractors.
  • Three-way dumping, wide tyres with enhanced puncture resistance, easily removable side panels, an option to turn it into a platform and a hydraulic lift-limiting device implementing automatically in every direction are only some of the reasons why FT-2500 can offer remarkably more than a regular trailer. Not to mention the added mesh top, extra side panels, leaf cleanup solutions, and other extras.



Technical data

NET weight, kg
Loading capacity, kg
Volume/-with extensions, m3
Inside dimensions LxBxH, m
Platform dimensions LxBxH, m
Loading height, m
Bottom thickness, mm
Side panel thickness, mm
Tipping angle rear/sides, degrees
Wheel size, inch
Max speed, km/h

Why FT-2500?

  • 3-way tipping
  • Hydro-automatic lift-limiting
  • Full platform body
  • High quality components - Longer lifetime, less downtime
  • Flotation tires - Soft on ground
  • Adjustable drawbar - 6 height positions, 3 drawbar options
  • D50 ball coupling available
  • LED lights as standard







Features of FT-2500

Wide turf tires

Greencare tires developed for minimal grass damage and increased puncture resistance.

3-Side tipping

Trailer offers multiple tipping possibilites: rear, left or right side.

Automatic tip-limiting

Hydraulic valve automatically limits maximum tipping point even when tipping to sides.

6-Positions coupling

You have different heights on your different machines? Not a problem, since FT-2500 has 6 different height positions for all coupling devices.

Quick-swap jack positioning

Too low jack transport position on other trailers often restricts crossing humps and hills. Not a problem for FT-2500 with quick-swap transport positioning from vertical to horisontal.

Hinged rear lights

You often need to dump loads of bulk materials to piles and rear into the piles while breaking rear lights? You don't have that problem with FT-2500 hinged rear lights.

Using leaf-vacuum is easy

Strong and comfortable vacuum hose holders make positioning of hose extreamly simple. Holder pre-tension holds hose in position even without tightening the straps for short distances.

Cableholders for storage

No need to worry about cables and hoses while storing your trailer.







Optional Extras and Accessories

D50 ball coupling

Standard coupling for FT-Series

D32 Towing eyelet

Rotatable D32 towing eyelet for most tractor connections.

Long towing coupling

Long coupling is required with some machines where towing hitch is not the rearmost detail and a short coupling would limit maneuverability.

NET Extensions

NET extensions let you increas your trailer volume for transportation of lightweight materials like branches, leaves etc.

Extra side panels

Extra level of side panels can be used to increase trailer volume to haul lightweigh bulk materials.

Electro-hydraulic tipping

Electro-hydraulic tipping kit is a comfortable tipping solution when hydraulic output on towing vehicle is unavailable. The kit includes battery block with charging and safety system.

Manual handpump tipping

Manual handpump tipping is a cost efficient way to use the trailer with a towing machine without hydraulic output.



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